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Why Am I Not Losing Weight When I Exercise and Diet..?


You are on a healthy diet. You think. You gave up ice cream, junk food and you exercise. Yet here you are asking yourself "why am I not losing weight when I exercise and diet?" Have you considered that your healthy habits may not be so healthy? As a Christoff Certified Self Sabotage Coach I can tell you, you are more than likely sabotaging your weight loss efforts, at least on a subconscious level.

But fear not, I'm about to reveal the secrets behind phenomenon. When we're done, you'll never ask yourself "why am I not losing weight when I exercise and diet" again. I'm going to teach you how spiking blood sugar ruins weight loss and that what we eat isn't the only contributing factor to your weight troubles. We'll explore how stress, fear and chemicals both ingested and non ingested cause unnecessarily spikes in our blood sugar ALL the time... This is how you are unknowingly sabotaging your weight loss efforts...

Your Healthy Diet Ignores Your Blood Sugar


Opt for vegetable based smoothies or protein for breakfast to keep blood sugar low and stable

Gone are the sweet cereals, pastries and sugar from your morning caffeinated hot beverage. Now, you opt for fruit packed smoothies, great big fruit salads or toast for breakfast. That's healthy right? Well, if weight loss is your aim, then low and stable blood sugar should be your game...Unfortunately sugar, especially liquidized sugar (yes, I am talking about your fruit smoothie), and carbohydrates (including bread products) in the morning are NOT going to achieve this. Most of us need to keep our blood sugar low in the morning to promote health. Fruit spikes our blood sugar, especially when consumed on an empty stomach or it's liquidised. 

Wtf?? I know right, gutted. Just when you thought you were getting your eating on point. (FYI, you can still enjoy a fruity smoothie and carbs, just save them for the afternoon, post workout ideally). The good news is vegetable sugars and carbs rarely spike the blood sugar to undesirable levels. Veggie and green smoothies in the morning are a great choice for morning meals. 

First thing to understand is that carbs and sugar are the same. All carbs, vegetables, fruits and grains are sugars. We make sugar from fat and protein, so eating additional sugar is totally unnecessary. All sugars, regardless of origin, enter our bloodstream as glucose (a sugar we use for energy). Different sugars affect our blood sugar differently. As mentioned, fruit spikes it whereas veggies don't.

High sugar foods extract more insulin from the pancreas in the morning compared to other times of the day. Therefore, it's best to avoid fruit, sugar and carbs e.g. cereal, bread/flour products and fruit in the morning. Keeping your morning sugar intake low maximizes health, weight reduction, fat loss and cellulite. 

Here's the thing, when we spike our blood sugar rapidly our fat burning hormone testosterone and growth hormones decrease whilst our fat storing hormone, estrogen increase. Guys, if you are struggling with moobs that'll be the excess estrogen. Ladies, if you are struggling with hormone imbalance or "women's problems" excess estrogen needs addressing. Spiking our blood sugar unnecessarily spells bad news for weight loss goals.

Eating too much carbohydrates rapidly spikes our blood sugar leading to excessive glucose in the blood. This can lead to glucose being stored as in the muscles and liver. The liver will deliver a glucose burst of energy when our fight and flight mode is activated. Otherwise, it is generally stored as fat. Yet they tell you dietary fat is what makes you fat. Not true!

On the other hand, excessive sugar consumption sets your body into fat storage mode. Poor food choices on a regular basis causes the fat storage switch to stay on. Thus we end up stuck in permanent fat storage mode. Not the result we are looking for when weight loss is the aim. 

Failure to eat within our metabolic type or eating a poor diet in general means we'll always overeat, have blood sugar crashes and experience negative impact mood and energy. Emotional eating is often the resulting effect of such mood crashes and triggers our limbic system, our fight or flight response. You'll remember me saying earlier that our fight or flight response involves us being fed more sugar by the liver, so weight just keeps increasing.... It's a seemingly never ending vicious cycle. This is self sabotage of your weight loss of the highest order. Only way to escape is to understand the cycle and break it.

Find out the right food combo for you by completing this free metabolic typing test.


  • Aim to keep blood sugar stable and low
  • Cut the fruit and carbs for breakfast, save for afternoon, post workout
  • Excessive sugar disrupts hormones and puts the body into fat storage mode 
  • Eating within metabolic type promotes healthy weight and eating habits

How Toxins & Chemicals Make You Fat


...Needs to go!

Imagine now, you could gain weight from daily chemical assaults on yourself with without knowing or at least, without conscious thought. Well, it's true. Some of these chemicals come from what you ingest but they also come from things you don't eat. Oh yeah, you can sabotage your weight loss without opening your mouth and binge eating all the cupcakes.

Toxins come from chemicals often found within food, personal care, home cleaning products, nicotine etc and trigger the limbic system (your fight or flight, fear response). The limbic system is activated whenever a threat is detected, chemical or physical and ends with a big squeeze of sugar out of the liver. Sugar from the liver floods the bloodstream, literally feeding your body without you physically eating anything. Sparking up that cigarette results in the same. As does using toxic make up, inhaling chemical fragrance from cologne, air freshers etc.

Firstly, we'll address the #1 toxin that we humans are actively encouraged to ingest and falsely told is healthy. Coffee. If you "just have a coffee" in the morning to save on calories and "get going". STOP. IT. NOW. Coffee, indeed any caffeine is not only the stuff slavery, mediocrity and self sabotage on an epic scale is made of but a toxin. Consuming this crap literally sets you up for unstable blood sugar ALL day. Remember, where weight loss is the goal, low and stable blood sugar is a MUST.

Coffee, caffeine, nicotine and all other toxins throw your body into fear by activating your limbic system and induce fear. As a result, blood is moved away from the stomach and towards the arms and legs. This impairs the body's ability to effectively process food and absorb nutrients, causing fat storage and disease. Your limbic brain keeps you in fear of literally everything, including what you desire most... including losing weight! Now you this stuff you never need ask yourself "why am I not losing weight when I exercise and diet?" again!

Removing toxins from our environment greatly reduce our fear load, thus promoting weight loss. Take a long hard look at your habits and products you use on a daily basis and begin switching them out for non toxic alternatives. Now you know the facts you are empowered to break the cycle sabotaging your weight loss.


  • Toxins in our environment activate our limbic system and can cause weight gain  
  • This happens without us having to physically eat anything!
  • When toxins put us in fear mode our weight loss goals are seriously compromised
  • Removing toxins like coffee, nicotine and chemicals from your life promotes healthy weight

Stop Sabotaging Your Weight Loss

You CAN achieve your dreams of healthy and stable weight

Improving our diet can clear our mind and start to remove the fear inducing chemicals that have continually fueled our failed weight loss efforts for so long. Once we remove the fear and stop polluting ourselves we open ourselves up to success.

Start by eating ditching the coffee and nicotine, if you can't then start to massively reduce it.  Eat base of vegetables topped with some wild caught, pasture raised proteins and healthy grains. Eat as much organic and home grown produce as you can, the more the better. Look at your personal habits and care products, switching to non toxic, health affirmative alternatives. 

All this goes a long way to reducing your fear load. This paves the way for real change and calms our subconscious mind enough to entertain serious change in our lives. We move out of clinging to old habits and begin to embrace new ways of being. Start where you are. Do what you can. Remember, it's about progress not perfection.

I hope this helped you find answers your question of "Why am I not losing weight when I exercise and diet?" What did you discover about yourself and your diet/habits that have been silently been sabotaging your weight loss efforts? What are you going to change now you have the knowledge to achieve success? Let me know below. 


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