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What are Gratitude Journals? (& Why You NEED One)


​What are Gratitude Journals (& Why You NEED One)

Want to invite the art of gratitude into your life to experience all gratitude has to offer? Perhaps, you read my posts on how gratitude rewires the brain and gratitude and mental health and are ready to leap into gratitude journalling? But wait, what are gratitude journals exactly? And why would you need one? In this post I'll explain and share with you a FREE gratitude journal app to help get you started. Implementing this simple exercise every day will have you on your way to more happiness in no time. 

​What is a Gratitude Journal?

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​Gratitude journals are very personal and there's no write or wrong way to create said journal either. In a nutshell, a gratitude journal keeps a visual record things you are grateful for each day. Draw beautiful doodles to covey your appreciation, write a wee poem, a letter of thanks (you can choose to send it or not, it still works) or simply make a bullet point list or spider diagram. Let your creativity flow whilst you journal, get out pretty pens if it feels good. Jot down your favorite positive affirmations, meditations and mantras. Physically putting pen to paper certainly makes this process more personal but digital notes on apps are very convenient and get the job done too. The choice is yours, of course. 

You can be broad in your gratitude if you are feeling grateful for e.g your family on a given day. But, for best results (and to avoid becoming a one track record) really zone in on something specific to the particular day you are journalling about. For example, what is it about your family you are grateful for today? Did your son/daughter do something you appreciate or that made you smile? Did you witness or receive a random act of kindness?

Truly reflecting on your day in this way captures the beauty of the small blessings you received and creates more of them in your life. Small moments of thankfulness are so often overlooked in favor of focusing on the negative. Gratitude journals take this habit and put it's on it's head bringing with it health boosting benefits.


  • ​Records daily thankfulness and blessings
  • ​Reflects and focuses on positive aspects of life
  • ​Use doodles, letters, mind maps, whatever you like
  • Include positive affirmations and short meditations
  • ​An excellent way to change perspective on living

​Why do I NEED a Gratitude Journal?

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​Gratitude journals are wonderful, inexpensive tools you can add to your mental and emotional well being kit. Although, these are great for enhancing your physical health too. Because gratitude journalling helps to your lower stress levels and balance neurotransmitters, journalling positively impacts your immune system. Meaning you become healthier and more resistant to dis-ease. By simply making a daily note of what you are grateful for each day you are gifting yourself multi dimensional enhancing effects on well being. No intelligent being wouldn't want to add these impressive benefits to their life and you are one such intelligent being. 

​You deserve to feel great and have a sound sense of self and well being. You owe it to yourself to adopt the habit of gratitude journalling and reap the benefits it brings. Gratitude journalling is an excellent addition to your self care routine slotting in nicely with a good bedtime ritual. Nighttime is a great time to reflect on what you are thankful from the day that's just happened. Even a mental note right before sleep is better than nothing. Acknowledging your blessings actually improves your sleep. 


  • ​Great addition to self care routine
  • ​Promotes mental health and well being
  • ​Lowers stress and boosts immune system
  • ​Improves sleep
  • Benefits mind, body and soul

​Want to know more about how gratitude can change your life? Check out my Attitude of Gratitude Series to find out more about how gratitude rewires the brain and the link between gratitude and mental health. ​Are ready to start experiencing the mind, body and soul boosting benefits gratitude journals have to offer? Great! I have a free app to introduce to you get started. Presently is a very simple, minimal and easy to use gratitude app. Suitable for all the family so you can invite more gratitude into your life. Starting now.

Do you gratitude journal? How do you record your blessings? What are you grateful for today? Let me know below!

​Download "Presently" FREE Gratitude Journal App

​Super CHARGE your mental, physical & emotional health and be happier!



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