November 11

Self Sabotage For Beginners


This post is for the newbies, self sabotage for beginners. As a self sabotage coach, I work with people who generally self abuse across many different fronts. Sometimes I see clients moving away from self abusive habits and moving toward what they think is something healthier…….like a Spartan Race, Tough Mudder, long distant running, marathons, triathlons etc. Unfortunately, these activities are not in fact healthier.  As a self sabotage coach I need to explain to each client the vibratory nature of the self abuse process. Without making it too complicated, junk food, alcohol, medications and abusive exercise options (and many other behaviors in this category) all register as the same vibration, brand or pattern in the subconscious.

What we’re attracted to are mirror reflections of our childhood, on an emotional level. People are attracted to what made them bond with their original family tribe and that emotional vibration becomes their “BRAND”. Smoking and medications are the same brand. Junk food and abusive exercise regimes are the same brand. Alcohol and chronic coffee drinking are the same brand. Dating unhealthy people and spending more than you make is the same brand. That brand falls into the general vibration of self abuse, self destruction, chaos, fear, panic and instability. This messy life can become their BRAND.

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When a person quits smoking, goes on a radical diet and then starts running marathons, nothing was quit because it’s the same brand, the same vibration, just dressed up in disguise. This person will now go extra hard at themselves, just from a different angle. The subconscious mind (the primary controller of our behavior) allows the owner of the body to believe they’re changing for the better but the subconscious still gets to stay the same by disguising “our brand” as something else. What’s really needed is self love, self care and self respect to replace the self abuse, self destruction and self loathing. A good self sabotage coach can walk their clients through this process and help them understand the patterns, as opposed to the particulars. It’s all about the patterns of behavior, not the disguise it’s wearing. This concludes our self sabotage for beginners post, I hope you found it insightful.


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