February 19

Secrets To How To Make a Passive Income


Wouldn't it be great if you knew exactly how to make a passive income, even in this down economy? In this current climate, many people are losing their jobs and making zero return on savings. It isn't surprising many of us are looking for ways to boost our income right now. And it is possible. I know, because I am doing it myself as you are reading this. Yet the biggest thing holding most people back from making a passive income and growing wealth is their mindset.

By design, society is set up for financial failure and ruin. Those that rule us do not want us to be financially comfortable because that equates to freedom for the common person. Consequently, when the common people are wealthy, they cannot be controlled. In order to keep us down, our minds are programmed to be broke. You simply cannot generate wealth within such a paradigm. But you can change this.

By the end of this post, you will understand why we sabotage our wealth. You will gain vital tools to remove money blocks to pave the way for making a passive income easily. I will introduce to you how to make a passive income, which I am personally using right now. Best of all, I'll provide you all the deets for FREE! No obligation, no bs. Are you ready to grow your wealth and beat the downturn? Can you handle the benefits of a passive income? Let's begin!

The Psychology of Being Broke


Credit card debt...

As a self-sabotage coach, I often coach people who have very limiting beliefs about money. Often I hear; "Money is hard to come by, I am always broke, we are poor, I can't afford that". Other times it's "I don't deserve money, I am terrible with money, I can never make enough, only those born to riches can be rich."

Such deep-seated (incorrect) beliefs about money are why you are living paycheck to paycheck and getting into debt. Such feelings of lack are why you are using credit, and living in a perpetual loop of broke. Even when wealth comes your way, it's likely you'll frap it away as quickly as possible to get back to your "comfort" zone of poor. Look at these big Lotto winners who are broke again after just 12 months of winning millions! Does any of this sound familiar? Yeah, I have been there too. I used to hold similar beliefs and I spent many years in debt, poor, and believing wealth wasn't for me. But why do we do this? 

Why we self-sabotage our own wealth and success key to understanding how to reverse it. Our subconscious minds are hardwired to find safety within the herd. Safety equates to us fitting in by doing what the majority are doing. Now, with that in mind, think for a moment. We live in a world where the majority of "everyday" people are broke, working 9-5 in jobs we don't like, competing in the rat race of "adult life". We struggle from one month to the next, with increasing numbers using food banks whilst drowning in an ocean of debt. This is the tribe most of us are submerged within on a daily basis. If you are going to fit and find safety within this tribe, what must you also be? A carbon copy of this financial ruin. Exactly.

Now, look at the media and film. Hollyweird will demonize rich characters as greedy, evil people. Whilst hailing the poor characters who struggle through life as courageous and glorious. Don't get me wrong there are evil rich people, Kill Gates being one of them, but unlike him, you would choose to use your money for good, rather than evil. Of course, this terrifies our overlords, so keeping you broke is safer! So, not only are we wired to fit in with the tribe around us -who are broke and struggling - we are heavily conditioned to believe that being poor is actually a good thing. We are told that being poor is heroic. That people will like us more when we are struggling and unable to look after ourselves financially... What a load of tosh!

Once you start connecting the dots, it's easy to see that we are being set up to be our worst version. We are programmed to shun our own chances of wealth and success. Of course, this only serves to keep us down whilst the ruling psychopaths remain a position of power using their enormous wealth to manipulate us. Our default safety program is to behave in a way that allows us to fit in with our tribe. So, we go along to get along, stay within the herd, stay down, and remain unsuccessful. Even if that means pushing away our dreams of a passive income... despite the fact being broke is uncomfortable, makes us miserable and unfulfilled. 


  • Most people have limiting beliefs around money
  • Society is set up to be broke, underachieving and in debt
  • Media and film is used to program us into believing being poor is admirable
  • Everything you believe about money and wealth is wrong

Creating a Mindset That Generates Wealth


Get into an income growth mindset

Now you know exactly what you are up against, you are in a position to make positive change. Getting the right mindset is THE secret to success in the pursuit of how to make a passive income. Changing your money beliefs for new ones is so important. You must realise that there is enough money in the world for each and everyone of us to live comfortably. Money is not scarce or hard to come by. Money is abundant and easy to generate when you know how. Thoughts become things, so focusing your vision of creating a passive income and wealth creation is a MUST! 

Easy ways to begin changing your mindset are as follows;

  • Surround yourself with positive images of wealth and what your life will look like being wealthy. Do not watch these films about broke people or "evil" rich people.
  • Create a vision board and fill it with images of what your wealthy and abundant life looks like and pin it somewhere you will see it daily. I have mine above my bed and another at the foot of it, making it the last thing I see at night and the first thing I see in the morning. 
  • Fill your ears with positivity, listen to successful people talk on podcasts, watch their videos on YouTube, read their books! Be inspired daily by those who have "made" it and soak it all in.
  • Show gratitude for what you have, talk and act as if you have wealth already, all this goes a long way to reprogramming your mind for success. You'll trick your mind into thinking you have changed tribe and you mind has no option but to create in reality what you are believing and telling it. 

I made this metal shift myself and since then, my life has changed dramatically. Opportunities to grow my my wealth present themselves and I have an abundance great business ideas, which only serve to multiply my income streams. My success is building and my ability to grow my wealth is taking on a life of it's own. And yours can too! With this new mindset you are ready to succeed in making a passive income and generating your own wealth. When you change your beliefs and swap them for ones that serve you to your highest good, you begin to manifest them in reality. 

How to Make a Passive Income Easily

What would you do with your passive income wealth?

Can you handle a passive income? Are you ready to break away from the herd and be successful? Are you willing take the necessary steps toward a passive income and propel your wealth skyward? Can you accept it's easy?


For those who are ready to step out of financial self sabotage and grow the income you deserve, I want to share the project I am involved in with you. With just one small investment you, like me, can generate a passive income. Paid weekly in Bitcoin, a non taxable, secure method of payment.

You need only to invest  a small amount, just once and watch your investment grow at an average weekly rate of 5% - 6%. Compare that to what your savings in the bank are earning, is nowhere near that annually! Truth is, we are nearing negative interest rates. On top of this, the bank are using your cash daily to create money for themselves! Wouldn't you rather your money generate wealth for you instead? You never need to put in another dime, penny or pound if you don't want to and your investment will grow whilst you sleep! In fact, you don't have to do anything further, except look after your growing wealth and figure out what to do with it, of course. 

Now, before those limiting beliefs start to creep back in or you start thinking this is all too good to be true (which I promise you, it's not) STOP right there. Come and see the information for yourself and learn more first. I will be on hand to answer any questions and support you along the way, should you need it. The ball is in your court. After you have got all the details, it's up to you to decide whether a creating passive income is for you.

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