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How To Stop Emotional Eating: An Incredibly Easy Method That Works


Learning how to stop emotional eating is a matter of getting and keeping your emotions under control. Sounds obvious yet impossible all the same time right? I mean how can you possible get control over your emotions?? As a Certified Self Sabotage Coach this is something I often teach my clients. And it's not as difficult as you think. First and foremost, you must realize that YOU and only you are in complete control of your emotions and reactions to them. But there are some secrets to around this. There are aspects of our environment impacting negatively on our ability in gaining control that no one tells you about. We reveal 7 ways you can hack your environment and make changes in order to regain control and stop emotional eating.

The Truth About How to Stop Emotional Eating


Many people expect someone or something external to fix their emotional eating problems. Diet pills, a partner, therapist etc and come away disappointed when this doesn't materialize. Let me be brutally honest here: there is NOTHING and NO ONE in the entire universe outside of yourself with the ability to "fix" you or your problems. Ooofft. 

But note what I said there. Nothing outside of YOU. Everything you need to heal and solve your emotional eating issues already lies within you. You already possess the power to overcome this. Once you fully comprehend that you and only you can fix your issues, be them around food, relationships, wealth or otherwise, you are ready to step into your true power of healing. 

YOU ALWAYS have a choice and it is up to you to take responsibility for your actions. That includes what you choose to put and not to put in your mouth. 

However,there are some obstacles our human farmers purposely put in our way to dis-empower us, trip us up and put us in the loop of perpetual self sabotage. I'm going to let you in on some of these "trip hazards" to allow you to regain full control over your emotions and therefore, put a halt to your emotional eating.


  • The power to overcome emotional eating lies within YOU
  • You have choices over your food intake
  • Taking full responsibility for your actions is key

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7 Tips to Overcome Emotional Eating 


Follow these 7 tips to get a better grip on your emotions and stop emotional eating which is sabotaging your weight loss and health goals. 

1. Be aware that thinking others can solve your problems are child-based thinking. You must step into your true adult power and take full responsibly for your emotions and actions surrounding food. 

2. Your emotional eating habits are also child based thinking and actions that are based in instant gratification rather than long term adult thinking. Health is something you have to think about and plan for in the long term. Decisions you make about food and eating now heavily impact your future health and well-being.

3. Stop drinking coffee. NOW - this substance is #1 for self sabotage. Coffee is a toxin that puts your body into fear, activating your fight or flight mode. When we are in fight or flight we cannot think straight, cling harder to our familiar habits and move further away from our goals. Ditching coffee will clear your mind and greatly reduce your fear load, allowing you full control over your emotions and sensible decisions regarding food. 

4. Remove negative images from your eyes and ears - stop watching shows and movies full of unhealthy people eating rubbish, consuming coffee and living in chaos. Fear based media endorses unhealthy living, promotes fear and chaos which messes with your emotions, compelling behave similarly and eat. 

5. Reduce toxins in your everyday environment. You may be surprised to know your food, personal "care" and home products are full of chemicals that induce fear and hormone imbalance. Remove the toxins and watch the emotional eating disappear. 

6. Surround yourself with positive words and imagery. Make statements of truth, put them in visible places around your home and repeat them often. Phrases like " I choose to eat healthy and nourishing foods", "I am in full control of my emotions", "I am happy, healthy and consistently make excellent choices around around food and diet".

7. Hire a Christoff Certified Self Sabotage Coach, like myself, to explore your programming around food and emotions to provide you all the tools you need to rewire your subconscious mind to break your self sabotage cycle and achieve your weight and health goals. 

Self Sabotage Coaching Unlocks Your Power to Stop Emotional Eating


Most people struggle with a lack of knowledge about how our environment programs our behaviour. This is where a Certified Self Sabotage Coach come in. My role is to teach my clients what most other coaches/therapists etc never will. Gently guiding my clients to explore their programming, I educate them on the workings of their subconscious mind. We go deep. From there, we begin rewiring the subconscious mind for success in their goals, be that putting a permanent stop to emotional eating, weight loss, better health or otherwise. I help my clients remember who they really are and become the adult they were always meant to be. Giving you the tools to fix your own life. The power is already within you, I guide and support you in unlocking and applying it.

When you accept the power to change your eating habits already lies within you, you begin to understand how to stop emotional eating. Applying these 7 tips will go a long way to regaining full control of your emotions to free yourself from emotional binge eating.

Private Self Sabotage Coaching

There are many psychological factors that must be addressed in order for the next weight loss journey to be your last and I address all those in my one on one self sabotage coaching sessions, via Skype....anywhere in the world.

If you're looking to make big changes and break free of your old cycles, habits, patterns and me for details. A goal without a plan is just a wish. Take action today and make a move on your best life.


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