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How to Protect Against Covid19 – A Holistic Approach


How to Protect Against Covid19 -

A Holistic Guide

For months now your platform has been flooded with everything covid19. Now, much of the world is locked up at home. To avoid spreading the virus. But where is the advice on how to protect against covid19? (Other than OCD like hand washing!). Where are the practical suggestions about staying healthy during the crisis? Apparently, nowhere. And I think that's absurd... So, I wrote you this post to fill that gap.

Let's face it, sitting around indoors, eating junk, popping multi vits washed down with a fruity cider isn't gonna get you on the path to wellness. Prevention is always better than cure!

This plan takes you through the steps you can take to protect yourself from covid19 (and all over dis-ease). We take you, as the whole person and apply a (wh)holistic approach to boosting immunity.  As a result the plan considers the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of you.


What Your Lock-Down Diet Needs

Fermented food

Nutrition is key when it comes to boosting immunity. To ward off sickness, your body requires nutrient dense, fresh, wholefoods. Ideally, you'll be making all meals from scratch, consuming lots of leafy greens and citrus fruits. Lemons and limes especially. For their blood alkalising and antimicrobial properties.

Gut health has gotta be on top form for great immunity. Enhance your gut health and thus, immunity, by eating well. Include plenty of fermented foods and drinks. These help rebalance your gut bacteria. Eat organic, grass fed and include bone broths. I love love these;

  • Kimchi
  • Sauerkraut
  • Kombucha
  • Kefir
  • Organic Bone Broth (like this one, check out my review here)

Need a supplier? This company makes gorgeous fermented food and drinks.

Drink herbal teas daily or at onset of any cold/flu/viral like symptoms. Herbal teas with immune protective, nourishing proprieties I like to keep in stock:

  • Eat nutrient dense, wholefoods
  • Leafy greens, lemons and limes
  • Consume fermented foods, kimchi, kombucha tea
  • Drink herbals teas, echinacea, quebra pedra


Your one stop shop for fermented food and drink

Kimchi, Sauerkraut, Kombucha Tea

Supplements and Remedies

Image by Zoopha

Chepo vitamin pills are loaded with artificial sweeteners and crud. Vitamin C supplements, especially! Vitamin C is pivotal for promoting a healthy immune system for keeping cold/flu/viruses away. Staying on top form is supported by quality supplements. Natural sources of vitamins and minerals are far superior. Supplements with bio-available, active, ingredients even wholefood are ideal.

My top immune boosting supplements and remedies:

Remember, some supplements are worth their weight in gold. Others are pants! PLEASE buy the best quality you can afford. It really does matter. Check out my reviews and recommendations to help you find great products.

  • Supplements can help boost immune system
  • Use wholefood, quality supplements
  • Buy the best quality for your budget


For Rosita cod liver oil, wholefood Vitamin C, liposomal and more.

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Harness the Power of Happiness & Gratitude

happy and grateful

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Our state of mind is crucial to our ability to ward off disease and illness. Right now, fear is causing a lot of anxiety and fear. And negative feelings cause stress levels to soar. 

Stress, negative thoughts and beliefs actually weaken your immune system. Being fearful, (including fear of becoming unwell), increases susceptibility to illness. Maintaining calm and happiness is, therefore, important.

Stay positive, take time out from social media, endless pandemic movies and news outlets. Allow plenty of time for relaxing and letting creativity flow. Spend time doing what feels good. Maintaining a sense of joy and calm allows your body functions to flow.

Remember, you are what you think and give your energy to. Choose your exposure wisely. Smiling, laughing and the practice of gratitude have immune boosting effects. Gratitude even rewires the brain enhancing your mental health. More on gratitude and mental health here.

  • Negative feelings and fear weaken our immune system
  • Positive feelings promote immunity
  • Practicing gratitude supports healthy mind
  • Take time for self care and creativity
  • Thoughts affect your reality, be happy!

Combine Sunlight with Movement

Spending time in nature and sunlight exposure affects our sense of well-being . Vitamin D is nature's "happy" hormone our body synthesizes from sunlight. Deficiency has been linked to increased susceptibility to infection.

Consequently, getting out in nature, soaking up the sun (barefoot please!) is crucial for natural immunity. Going out during lock-down understandably poses some issues but is a must! Get out on your balcony, in your back garden, yard, whatever.  Take that one hour outdoor exercise any way you can. Movement keeps the body healthy and happy with sunshine further nourishing it.

Sunlight and nature enhance your mental health. Increased positive feelings + lower stress = enhanced immunity.

  • We make Vitamin D from sunlight
  • Get your daily exercise outdoors
  • Nature is good for the soul and immunity
  • Get barefoot on the ground
  • Ensure you get sunshine as often as possible

Final Thoughts

Keeping well requires combined effort. Proper nutrition, a healthy mindset, sunlight and great supplements. Optimum immune function is a major key to protecting against covid19. All disease. You gotta tick all the boxes to super charge natural immunity dis-ease, . Striking the balance is the key for promoting optimum immune function. All bases are covered with a holistic approach. As a consequence, you promote all round protection. 

Keep safe and well. 

Has covid19 affected you? What steps are you taking for prevention and boosting your immune system?

This blog post contains affiliate links and any purchases made through such links may result in a small commission for me (at no extra cost for you). I only recommend products/services I truly believe in and use myself.

This is not intended to treat or cure any condition. It does not constitute medical advice. I am simply sharing my opinion. Seek advise from your healthcare practitioner before using herbs or supplements. For accurate information on covid19, I am required to signpost to WHO (according to  Amazon Affiliates).



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