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How Garlic Boosts the Immune System


​How Garlic Boosts the Immune System & How to Take it

​Wondering how garlic boosts the immune system? Keen to use garlic as part of your natural defenses regime? Unsure which supplement to invest in? Well, in post I share the science of how garlic boosts the immune system. I also introduce the best garlic supplement the market. This is boosting your immune system with garlic made easy. For the health conscious soul you are.  

How Does Garlic Boost our Immune System?

Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay

​Garlic has been known for centuries as beneficial to our immune system. Meanwhile, modern science is just catching on to garlic's medicinal uses. Although, garlic isn't routinely used in medicine. Probably because garlic has no benefit to big pharma? That's just my opinion, of course.

Scientific research indicates garlic stimulates cells that prevent and fight infection.​ Specifically, macrophages, lymphocytes and natural killer (NK) cells are stimulated by garlic. Growing evidence suggests garlic maintains homeostasis of the immune system. ​Consequently, immune function is enhanced overall. Compounds within garlic are known to be:

  • ​Anti cancer
  • ​Anti-inflammatory
  • ​Cardio-protective
  • ​Effective against microbial infection

​Garlic does an excellent job fighting infection. Hence, garlic is known as one of nature's antibiotics. But, it's not an antibiotic. Antibiotic means anti life. Unlike pharma antibiotics, garlic does NOT wipe out gut flora. Garlic helps immune cells to do their job of gobbling up toxins and fighting infection. As a result, the gut bacteria is left in tact. Garlic is protective of gut health. Hurrah! Moreover, garlic has no manky side effects. ​Think thrush... ew. (But I do have a natural remedy for thrush if you need one.) ​Keeping gut flora safe means you will not automatically need another pill to treat any side-effect ill. Yay!


  • ​Garlic is an ancient remedy
  • ​Boosts immune cell function
  • Protects the heart
  • ​Anti-cancer & anti-inflammatory
  • ​Effective against microbes
  • ​Supports gut health

​How to Use Garlic for Immune Support

​Eating garlic is an obvious choice. It is delish, so cook with it and consume it often. But, to really give your immune system extra clout, you're gonna need plan B. A food supplement. Alternatively, you could chomp on whole cloves. Or chug garlic soup. Shudder.

​But wait! Before you run off to bulk buy garlic, tread carefully. Garlic supplements are not all made equal. In actual fact, most garlic supplements are shit. And that's the truth.

​The majority of garlic supplements on the market contain no garlic at all... what?? Yep, due heavy processing garlic goes through nowt good is remains in the end product. Useless "garlic" is then sold in supplements. Garlic-less garlic supplements have zero health benefits. Shocking but true.

​However, all is not lost. I have a recommendation for you. For several years, I've personally been using this supplement with fabulous results. This product is so good, it occupies a forever home in my "medicine" aka remedy cabinet. Which, by the way, is entirely herbal or otherwise natural. More about this awesome supplement and where to get it next.


  • ​Consume garlic regularly in your diet
  • Pay close attention to your garlic supplements
  • ​Garlic supplements often contain NO garlic
  • ​I have a recommendation for good garlic!

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​My Recommendation - Allicin Max

Allicin Max

Image by Zoopha

​First recommended to me by a very knowledgeable acquaintance during a discussion about the Big C.  About 5 years ago. And I was keen to try them.

​Created with water only, each capsule contains 18mg of stabilised allicin. No over zealous processing going on here.  Readily absorbed into the bloodstream, this "powdered gold" gets to work immediately. One whiff of the bottle confirms their potency, man, it's garlicky.

​One capsule a day is all you need to enjoy the immune boosting benefits of garlic. I can personally testify to garlic's ability to fight infection. When my husband gets his occasional cysts and during flu season. Allicin Max is our friend. ​First sight of a cyst, cold or flu prompts us to start Allicin Max. As a result, our healing begins almost immediately. 

​On an empty stomach these capsules can produce some seriously garlicky burps. Minimize this fragrant effect by taking Allicin Max with food. 

​Free from artificial sweeteners, preservatives, soy and gluten free. Everyone over age 3, including vegetarians and vegans can take advantage of this food supplement. I swear by these capsules. And have freely awarded them a permanent place within my home apothecary. 


  • ​Allicin Max contains potent garlic compounds
  • ​Free from artificial sweeteners & preservatives
  • Vegetarian and Vegan friendly
  • ​Gluten and Soy free
  • ​Helps us banish flu symptoms and cysts fast
  • Small and easy to swallow

To ​Conclude

​Using garlic for immune system support is just one way you can build your natural defenses. Allicin Max is a fabulous supplement deserving of a prime spot in every home remedy cabinet. I highly recommend Allicin Max to all who desire to nourish their immune system, fight infections naturally or adopt a healthier approach to healing. Find out more about  how to boost your immune system naturally or find motivation to change your lifestyle in my other posts.

Drop me a comment below about your experiences with garlic for immune support or questions, I love to hear from my wonderful readers.

​Garlic that Packs a Punch


​Start supporting your immune system today

This blog post contains affiliate links and any purchases made through such links may result in a small commission for me (at no extra cost for you). I only recommend products/services I truly believe in and use myself.

​This does not constitute medical advice. It is not intended to treat or cure any condition. I am simply sharing my experience. Seek advise from your healthcare practitioner before using herbs or supplements.



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