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The Ultimate Guide to Healthy Living for Life – No Diets, No BS


Healthy Living for Life- A No Diet, No BS Guide

Healthy living for life, sounds crazy right? Is it even possible that anyone could be healthy for a lifetime? In a world where sickness is the norm and health is rare, it would seem not. Quite often, when your health fails you turn to expensive add-ons or crazy diets to fix your problems. And all too often you are deflated when your efforts fall short of what was promised.

 "Nothing works, it's my genetics, I'm just unlucky, my doctors say its rare, there's no cure", I hear you say. You feel dis-empowered. Like there's nothing you can do to help yourself become healthy. But this is simply not true. 

More often than not what we need to be doing is taking away the toxins and pollutants from our life and environment. Eliminating the things that promote and cause disease rather than adding "fixes" to our already toxic load. 

The points in this guide are quite often never suspected as causes of dis-ease. Why? Because we are not educated about these things in schools, by government or industry. These silent causes of disease are not even taught to medical doctors and are often brushed under the carpet as irrelevant. The majority of these disease promoting things are masquerading as harmless, are heavily promoted to the unsuspecting public (i.e YOU) and widely available. Many you will already have in your home or on your person.

Whether you are looking to find relief from chronic problems or have mild ailments or simply crave real education on healthy living for life, this guide is for you.

Reduce Toxins to Increase Your Chances of Living Healthy for Life


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The primary benefit of reducing toxins and insults to the body, is a reduction in the negative changes on metabolism, body shape and brain function that this stress/inflammation cycle toxins and insults can initiate. Did you know it is possible to gain weight become inflamed through non-calorie insults and general stress? Yep. This is called environmental weight gain.

By reducing and eliminating the cause of inflammation and stress within your daily habits… diseases can lift, weight can be lost, water retention reduced, cellulite genesis halted, and all aspects of health, vitality and strength increased. It’s never about “adding on” complex solutions. It’s always about removing what’s already hurting us and then walking effortlessly into a better way of being.

The below listed factors are greatly involved in aggravating the body and causing its breakdown. Simply stop or reduce the aggravating factors and replace those with modalities that heal or that are proven benign. Let this list guide you quickly toward all your success-based goals. Please remember as well that a polluted mind can’t think properly, so this isn’t just about the physical.

Cleaning up is about the mental, the physical, the spiritual plus the financial as well. You can only succeed on all levels if your mind, body and spirit are clean. An unhealthy body is always coupled with a dysfunctional and unhealthy mind (and mind set). The toxic modality (that you want to remove) is listed first with each point… and healing modality (that you want to implement) is listed second. Each pointed is backed with links to educational resources to take your knowledge deeper. Enjoy…


  • Toxins cause stress, inflammation and weight gain
  • Eliminating stress and toxins relieve disease, promote weight reduction and increase health and vitality
  • Cleaning up your life is holistic - mind, body and soul needs attention

Food and Food Products


Image by marijana1 from Pixabay

1. Chemicals Common In Non Organic Processed Foods (eat more natural food) –

2. Pesticides Common On Non Organic Produce (eat organic) – and

3. Pesticides and Chemicals Common in Non-Organic Meat (reduce meat but eat according to your metabolic type – eat organic)

4. Genetically Modified Foods (use organic only, especially in the GMO food categories)

5. Microwaved Food (destroy and recycle it)

6. Wheat Gluten – wheat pizza, pasta, breads, bagels, pancakes, toast etc – (go organic and gluten free) and

7. Junk food, Candy, Sweets, Ice Cream, Pastries, Pies (quit)

8. Movie Theatre Popcorn Butter – huge cancer causer – (bring healthy snacks) Not likey to be a problem anymore with the 'rona closing cinemas down, at least here in the UK.

9. The Toxic Coating Inside All Take Out Containers (don’t pollute, protect your health as well… don’t use them) and

10. Conventional Table Salt (Himalayan sea salt) –

11. Margarine (use organic butter, ghee and coconut oil) –

12. Commercial Salad Dressings – that use soy, canola, corn, cottonseed, safflower or sunflower oils – (make your own with olive oil)

13. Junk Food and Fast Food (love and care for yourself to a higher standard) – and

Drinks and Beverages

14. Chlorine In Tap Water and Swimming Pools (salt water pool to swim in, clean spring water to drink) – filter for shower head and bath and

15. Coffee – (reduce and quit eventually or quit right away)

16. Pasteurized Dairy (use unpasteurized organic or quit) and

17. Pasteurized Commercial Fruit Juices (make your juice fresh)

18. Sugar Based Energy Drinks Like Gatorade, Powerade (quit)

19. Caffeine Based Energy Drinks Like Red Bull, Rock Star etc (quit immediately)

20. Chocolate and Caffeine Based Teas (quit) – same as caffeine-based info above

21. All Alcohol (quit) –

22. Flavored Waters (drink only spring or natural sparkling) –

23. Artificial Sweeteners (quit) ( and

24. Fizzy Pop and Diet Pop (quit or get your affairs in order) and

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"Healthcare"- Really Doesn't Promote Healthy Living for Life

Image by Emilian Danaila from Pixabay

25. Vaccines (educate before you vaccinate – many doctors don’t vaccinate their own children or themselves… find out why) – many doctors and documentaries –

26. Non-Elective Surgeries That Remove Organs (live healthy, question the belief that you can be healthy without all your parts)

27. Commercial Low-Quality Vitamins, Protein Powders, Supplements (use Innate Response or Mega Food Organic) –

Technology and Wireless Products

28. Mobile Phones (away at least 3 feet, hands free, airplane mode) – many cited resources in one document from Jason Christoff

29. Cordless Phones (corded phones) – the same threat applies to cordless phones as to mobile phones plus wireless routers, ear buds, smart watches, fit bits, baby monitors, blue tooth, wireless speakers and any cordless wireless device etc – the best author in this field is Nick Penault and his latest book –

30. Wireless Routers (wireless off before bed, hard line the router as soon as possible, when you hard wire the router, make sure your computer wifi is also off) – same article from Jason Christoff on the dangers of wireless devices –

31. Smart TV’s (remove microwave emitting device) – here’s some instructions for turning the wifi emitter off if that’s a possibility and here are some instructions for removing it from the TV altogether – – I personally would hire an audio/video specialist at a computer/TV shop to remove this for me.

A better option would be to get rid of your TV all together and remove the toxic images, ads and crap it spews out from your home all together. I have been without a gogglebox for 6 years now and it's very liberating. 

32. Living Too Close To Power Lines (think about moving) – both large open area power lines and thicker neighborhood power lines are an issue


33. Teflon Pans (stainless steel) – – The Devil We Know – Documentary on The Extreme Dangers of Teflon

34. Plastic Food Containers (glass)

35. Aluminum Pans and Tin Foils (use steel-based cooking pots, and pans, the gold standard is sold from salad master , and if in the US, Sadie King can service you directly

Your Personal Habits

36. Staying Up Past 10:30 (go to bed by 10 pm)

37. Getting Up Before The Sun – (get up with the sun) – same information as point 36. You need to sync to the cycles of the sun, regardless of season, to stay in optimal health.

38. Stinkin Thinking – an addiction to crisis and chaos – (get healthy and the mind changes itself for the better) –

39. Too Frequent and Too Intense Exercise (listen to your body) and

40. Tattoos and Piercings (quit… everyone has them, they’re not original) and and

41. Smoking Marijuana (vaporize, ingest or quit) –

42. Smoking Cigarettes (quit) –

43. Light from TV or Computer Screen After Sun Down – (less screen time) –

44. Sunglasses – (don’t wear them as much as possible or never wear sunglasses) –

Personal & Home Care Products

45. Under Arm Deodorants with Aluminum (use aluminum free) – avoid all aluminum based products –

46. Fluoride Tooth Pastes (use fluoride free) and

47. Non-Organic Personal Care Products (start subbing in organic) – comic and accurate

48. Fabric Softener (quit or use natural options) – softener falls in this category

49. Toxic Conventional Sunscreens (use full spectrum non-toxic versions) and

50. Stale and Uncirculated Air Inside The Home (open the windows often)

51. Elective Surgeries That Leave Foreign Objects Inside The Body (work on decorating the inside instead – love yourself as you are or explant) –

52. Chemical Perfumes, Fragrances and Sprays (substitute organic versions) –

53. Toxic House Cleaning Supplies (substitute in organic versions) –

Wrapping it All Up

The reason these items cause weight gain, disease, brain damage, self-sabotage and cellulite etc are because every one of these items are proven to stress the body. The stress system is the fat gain system. A body under stress increases fat gain and water retention in an attempt to dilute and buffer the toxic insult. Cortisol, a stress hormone, when in excess causes brain damage. A stressed body can’t make optimal decisions as well because it’s in a low IQ fight, flight or freeze mode of operation. Although one item on the list most often won’t cause a massive amount of fat gain or disease on its’ own, combining these toxic attacks (one on top of each other) can indeed trigger large increases in weight gain and sudden onset of chronic disease. Where you have identified multiple items on this list you can be sure that this is having a negative impact on your life. Your chances of living healthy for life are greatly dimished. Go over the list and see what items you can remove from your lifestyle, in an effort to accomplish your health and life success related goals. This is how you can achieve healthy living for life. 

What action are you taking to improve your long term health? Which of these points surprised you most? Share your thoughts below in the comments. Remember to share the knowledge with your friends and family too. You all deserve to be healthy and happy. 


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