January 31

Alternatives to Coffee: And Why Decaf Isn’t One of Them!


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One of the most common questions I get from my self sabotage clients is... What alternatives to coffee can I use? My answer usually goes like this "Just stop poisoning yourself already and be your best self!". Sound harsh? Well, I am not here to mess about because I truly want the best for you and if one is serious about overcoming self sabotage, one has to get serious with the solutions. Ya feel me?

However, I totally get that coffee is an all too common, serious addiction which many folks really struggle to get their head's around. After all, one of society's most common misconceptions is "they wouldn't let us do it (it in this case being drinking coffee) if it were that bad for us" and "bedsides, everyone is doing it, so it can't be that bad?" and that is where you are so wrong. Look at the state of the world we live in and look at your fellow humans. Everything and almost everyone is a compete mess be it health wise, financially, mentally or otherwise, so clearly something has gone very wrong somewhere along the line.

Look outside and you'll see coffee is literally on sale everywhere (and is often cheaper than a bottle of water!), constantly promoted in movies (watch anything straight out of Hollyweird, watch the background carefully and you'll see a coffee cup or something coffee related within the first 5 minutes, go on, try it). It's hardly any wonder that everyone is drinking the damn stuff when it's so heavily impressed on our subconscious.

But ditching your morning cup(s) of mediocrity doesn't have to be painful. If going cold turkey makes you feel living a life of perpetual enslavement may just be worth it if it means hanging on to coffee. Trust me, it's not. You can ease yourself in slowly with an alternative to coffee which still allows you to ditch the evil caffeine with immediate effect.

What I mean by alternative is switching to something that doesn't poison you each morning, keep your limbic brain permanently switched on and thus, keep your self sabotaging behaviours on autopilot. If this is you, this post will provide healthy alternatives that allow you to continue brewing and enjoying a hot "coffee" like drink without the disastrous after effects.

Decaf as an Alternative to Coffee is Cool, Right?... WRONG!


Image by coffeegeek from Pixabay

The decaf trap. Quite often my client's will tell me they have hopped on the decaf train as an alternative to coffee. What many fail to realise is decaf is a clever marketing ploy by the powers that shouldn't be. Decaffeinated coffee does NOT equal no caffeine. 

Consuming decaf still serves you up with around 10mg of caffeine, plus, exposes you to caffeine extraction chemicals. Buying decaf at a take away or coffee establishment only increases your likelihood of being served much more than 10mg of caffeine. In fact, more often than not, your store bought decaf coffee is just regular fully caffeinated coffee. What!? Bad, bad, bad. 

Clearly, decaf is not a viable option here. Getting off the caf all together is necessary if you truly want to enhance your health and stop self sabotage in it's tracks. But if you still need to brew to get through... check out these no caf options below.


  • Decaf is NOT a safe or suitable alternative to coffee
  • At least 10mg of caffeine is present in decaf 
  • Store bought decaf is usual regular coffee
  • Ditch the decaf

Herbal Alternatives to Coffee


Image by Shirley Hirst from Pixabay

Choosing a no caffeine alternative is one way you can continue to enjoy brewing and drinking a hot drink in a similar way to coffee. There are a few herbal options to choose from all coming with their own health benefits too. Generally speaking herbal coffee alternatives are:

  • Naturally caffeine free
  • Have a similar deep, rich flavour and aroma
  • Satisfies a coffee drinkers need for the taste & aroma 
  • Can be brewed in the usual way e.g. french press, machine
  • Seem less radical than dropping the coffee habit just like that

By taking on one of these alternatives to coffee and ditching the caf, you will be taking huge strides towards living your best life, instead of your worst.


Teeccino created from a blend of organic herbs like chicory, carob, dandelion or barley plus fruits and nuts that are roasted and ground to brew like coffee. A natural energy boost is provided by the naturally potassium etc.

Comes in 7 flavours, so all you flavour shot lovers can still enjoy a flavored coffee without the devastation to life. All naturally sweetened with dates, figs and orange peel leaving no need for sugar or toxic sweeteners. If you prefer the regular coffee taste, choose the Regular or Java options.

Teeccino Dandelion Coffee 

Also from Teeccino. Dandelion coffee contains probiotics, which help feed good bacteria in the gut for regularity and boosts the immune boosting. It also has antioxidants and may stimulate circulation to help reduce inflammation. Result!

Naturally caffeine free made with a blend of organic ground barley, chicory, roasted figs and malt.

Having never really been a fan of coffee myself, I have not personally tried these caf free options. However, these would be my top choices if I was to make the switch to caffeine free. All of the caf free options listed above have great reviews and are definitely worth a try if you can't just drop the coffee outright.


  • Caffeine free options are available
  • Tend to be made with herbs, fruit and nuts providing natural energy and good nutrients
  • Worth trying these options if you need a brew to get through

Ready to Drop the Coffee?

Now you are ready to ditch coffee with a selection no caffeine replacements to use should you choose to. Take them with you to work, make them up in your reusable cup for a healthy hot drink on the go so you don't fall into the coffee trap. 

It's now time to challenge yourself and go caffeine free for six weeks. Document your feelings and how you feel along the way. Watch for those subtle changes and watch your life change dramatically once your mind is functioning fully and your limbic system is switched off. You won't look back, I am sure. Remember, its about progress, not perfection. So, start where you are, do what you can and let me know how you get on.

Are you taking up the 6 week coffee free challenge? Will you use a caff free alternative or not? What are you hoping to achieve at the end of the experiment? Share with a friend and keep each other motivated. 

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