If there were one word to describe you it'd be: Stuck.

But, if there was one word to describe your feelings about how to achieve your best life. It'd be: Unsure.

Whether you are in pursuit of great health, more harmonious relationships with self and others, increased wealth all of the above- you're in the right place.

Since you are here now, that tells me you are aware of your ability to heal, cultivate a positive mindset and are ready to overcome your negative ways of thinking and being that have consistently been holding you back.

But maybe you:

  • Think you have tried everything and nothing works?
  • Feel like you are broken and cannot be "fixed"?
  • Don't understand what self sabotage is or how it works?
  • Have no idea where to start with hacking mind to work for you rather than against you?

No matter where you are on the path to remembering who you really are, you can rise up to your full potential.

You know you have want to create your best life. You desire to live in abundant health, wealth and happiness.

You want to take yourself to the next level and take your power back.

But you don't know how to make it reality. You feel stuck.

Trust me, I've totally been there.

Now, I have a few core beliefs:

  • I believe that you were born with an innate ability heal yourself and live in abundance. I'll show you how.
  • I believe that you already hold ALL the keys to unlock your full potential and heal yourself. I'm here to give you the keys to unlock that healing potential, bringing it about in an unstoppable way.
  • I believe that you have been self sabotaging too long and are uninformed about how to your subconscious mind works. I will give you mind-blowing knowledge and a complete toolkit that will turn this on it's head.
  • If I'm honest, I also believe that kimchi, sauerkraut and self love are the healthiest addictions one can have. Together, they solve many problems!

My intention is simple: You have your best life to attain. 

I am here to give you the knowledge and tools you need to you hack your own mind so you can be the incredible being you already are.

Our Journey

Hey, my name is Lace (yes, really!) and I am PASSIONATE about teaching others about self sabotage, their subconscious mind and how to power up to the next level.

How did this become my life?

I have spend the better part of my life self sabotaging. I had a difficult childhood featuring an alcoholic step father, absent biological father and varying types of abuse. As a teen I went along with the herd because I lacked direction. In my late teens/early 20s I self abused with constant partying, alcohol and restrictive dieting. I waded from one abusive relationship to the next. In 2009 I lost my first love to suicide, which sent me on my own suicidal path of destruction. I spent time in and out of mental health facilities and was filled with enough big pharma drugs to last me 3 lifetimes. My life was a mess and constantly filled with crisis. Chaos seemed to follow me like a bad smell. In 2012, I was (unhappily) training to be a mental health nurse. Thinking that was my calling. Eighteen months later in 2014, I was involved in a head on collision and spent 8 days in a coma fighting for my life on a ventilator. That incident changed the direction of my life forever.

*Cue tiny violins*

When I woke from my coma I decided I was going to live. I was determined to heal and turn my life around. I met my husband and turned to holistic health, herbs and energy medicine to help him with his health conditions, training as a holistic health practitioner in the process.

Over 20 years of mainstream medicine had failed to provide relief for hubby's rare skin condition, Pityriasis Rubra Pilaris (PRP). When he was diagnosed with skin failure in 2015, we'd had enough. As I researched, I was horrified to discover the toxins we are routinely exposed to that government approve of. Be it in our food, personal care, medications and even in our own thoughts and beliefs. So, we rejected the poisons and changed the way we lived. We got healthier and husband healed his skin failure.

Hubby has been off regular medication for 7 years. I've been medication free for 7 years, not even paracetamol. 

Still, I could not find success in business. I still felt empty. I kept holding myself back and falling at every hurdle. I was sabotaging myself but could not understand why or how to change it. In the beginning of 2020 I began training under the inspiring Jason Christoff to become a certified self sabotage coach.  I also completed Marisa Peer courses and participated in her Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT). These two things changed everything. 

I went through the coaching process with Jason and gained a wealth of hidden knowledge about the subconscious mind, why and how we self sabotage. Ultimately, I learnt the secrets to hacking the human mind. I addressed my own self sabotage and have bettered my life on all levels. My positive self talk has soared, I feel more content and no longer shy away from success in business. I continue to work on myself daily. 

What Our Customers and Visitors Say

With some very small changes and some fantastic guidance from this site you will find out how easy it is to live well. You will be amazed at how good you can start to feel! 5 star website.

David Baron

Local Government   Manager

Ridiculously excited about this! Thanks to Lace Flowers-Ellis, who inspired me.
Thankyou xx


Owens, Neals Yard   Remedies Organic   

The information on laceflowersellis is very well written and informative! I love it!!

Steven Rinker

 Health Blogger

Since We Started

I have spent time studying Reiki, Energy Medicine, Medicinal Cannabis and Marisa Peers Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) and hold diplomas for Holistic Health Practitioner, Intuitive Healing and Crystal Healing. I am a Christoff Certified Self Sabotage Coach. Everyday I continue to further my knowledge in the workings of the subconscious mind, human behavioral psychology and the mind/body connection.

Educating others and helping them overcome their self sabotage and remember who they really are is now my obsession. 

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You'll also get invitations to any free online workshops I host. And by the way, thanks for being here. I appreciate it...and you. 

Meet Lace

Hey I'm Lace, the face behind laceflowersellis.com. I am the creator of my own destiny, a Christoff Certified Self Sabotage & Holistic Health Coach.

Professional hacker of the subconscious mind, big Marisa Peer and RTT fan and self taught in natural medicine and foraging. I am passionate about helping you achieve your life goals.

When I'm not inspiring wellness, I enjoy a good book, being barefoot and traveling the world.

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