November 3

5 Ways to Overcome Your Self Sabotage Right Now


5 Ways To Overcome Self Sabotage Right Now

Do you think it is difficult to overcome self sabotage? That living your best life and achieving greatness is practically impossible? Or that overcoming self sabotage is a long, drawn out process?  It's not. Overcoming your self sabotage is easy when you have the know how. You can move mountains without having to climb them. You can achieve greatness without taking an enormous journey. When you apply these 5 tips to your life, right now, you can over some your self sabotage in no time.

1. Get healthy. Eating a poor diet and living an unhealthy lifestyle hyper-activates the part of the brain, proven to be involved with self sabotage. See my ultimate guide to healthy living for more on this.

2. Learn the most powerful word in the world….."NO". Keep the vibration of the dysfunctional herd out of your energy field by rejecting any and all requests that see you volunteer for a mediocre life of sedation, distraction and futility. Say "NO" to anything that makes you worse. It is equally important to say YES to anything that makes you better.

3. Turn off the TV (and throw it out!). The human mind is designed to copy what ever it sees and there’s nothing but trash, chaos and crisis on the idiot box. Self sabotage is primarily based on living out irrational behaviors, without deep (or in fact any) analysis. Given that humans are programmed to mimic whatever they see…..the negative role modelling based TV has got to go. The TV is there so you eventually become a professional saboteur. Get rid of it. Build a library instead.

4. Raise your deserve level. Most people are afraid to be great at anything, simply because the herd of underachievers who surround them, who are always there to guilt and shame them for actually wanting more than the slave life. Forget about being great at one thing, BE GREAT AT EVERYTHING! That will drive the underachieving herd NUTS and they’ll attack you harder every step of the way. For every new level unlocked, there will always be a new devil. Be great anyway, the attack is your a badge of honour and your green light letting you know you’re definitely on the right path.

5. Feed your mind success and positivity. Because you’re human and your DNA is encoded to copy, mimic and emulate whatever you see……start exposing yourself to successful people either online or in person. And watch yourself start to copy and emulate the tribe of success.

These 5 tips are the fastest ways to overcome self sabotage. You have one life. One chance. Get off your knees. Stop playing small. Start where you are. Do what you can. Use what you have. Take action. Make things happen. You are pure power. Believe in yourself. Be great.

Where will you start with this list? Which points are you implementing already? Are there any parts of this you struggle with? Let me know in the comments below.


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