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10 Signs YOU Are a Self Saboteur


Professional Self Saboteur's Are Everywhere!

Spotting professional self saboteurs is a huge part of being a certified self sabotage coach. I can see and hear such characters from a mile away. What's most fascinating is most folks don't even know they are such professionals. Standing in the way of their own success or destroying it the second it appears is second nature to the pro self saboteur. 

I know this, because I used to be a professional self saboteur myself. When I was actively destroying myself my yo-yo dieting and poor food choices always ended in weight regain. This only served to bring me right back to safety within tribe. All my efforts with creating my own biz fell flat because my negative self talk meant I always put myself down. Thus, I manifested my own failure before I even got started. Sound familiar at all?

Us humans have been programmed to self sabotage through a mixture of modalities, including fear based media, negative role modelling, environmental toxins and frankenfoods.  The chances you are sabotaging yourself are extremely high. And worst of all, you probably don't even know it! Below, I share 10 ways you are sabotaging yourself so you can assess where you are on the self sabotage scale.

10 Signs You're a Self Saboteur


Professional self saboteur right here...

  1. The #1 way to tell you are a professional self saboteur is being a coffee drinker. Liquid slavery in a cup is proven to make humans do boring jobs for longer! You cannot reach for your dreams when consuming coffee because it switches off your ability to think clearly. Check out the book Caffeine Blues by Stephen Cherniske and educate yourself on what the mainstream sources will never tell you.
  2. You "cannot" lose weight, yo yo diet and always end up eating things you shouldn't. Bingeing on chocolate, junk food or "treating" yourself with a take away for that hour spent in the gym.... totally counter productive and definitely self sabotaging. Learn the reasons behind this behaviour and how to stop it for good and booking your self sabotage coaching with me.
  3. Junk food is part of your diet and fresh wholefoods aren't. When we consume junk food, processed foods and generally eat a poor diet what we are actually consuming is a diet toxins that put our body into fear and perpetuate a life of mediocrity. 
  4. Spending countless hours scrolling social media. If you are spending your evenings partaking in the endless scrolling fest, you are sabotaging yourself. Social media is an epic waste of time. Smart phones can be used to make money (I used mine to build a website back in 2016!) but mostly are used to make people dumb because they used to throw precious time away.
  5. Being perpetually broke. When someone who is used to having no money has a windfall they will often end up broke again very quickly. Throwing the money away on all sorts of stuff as if to get rid of it as fast as possible so that they are back to what feels comfortable - being broke-  even though having no money is never comfortable for anyone. Financial self sabotage is so common it's really quite scary.
  6. You are using toxic personal care products which only fuel your fear load and cause ill health and disease. As crazy as it may sound, the chemicals making up the bulk of society's personal "care" products have detrimental effects on health and well-being of the unsuspecting public.  Time to check out your labels and unpluck your routine with a personal care analysis.
  7. Watching the junk on TV. Our media is absolutely oozing with negative programming, shite role modelling, fear, chaos and crisis. This only serves to influence us to behave in a similarly terrible fashion. When we are behaving like adult children, full of fear and living chaotic lives we are also being professional self saboteurs. 
  8. Drinking a bottle of three of wine is your ideal night in. Alcohol is bad news and only serves to mask our pain and misery. Damaging to our brain, makes us act the fool and promotes nothing positive or meaningful in our lives. Feel your pain, understand why you feel it and do something about it. That is how you propel yourself into a better life.
  9. There's no time. You want to start a biz, get active or take up some other creative hobby or health promoting activity. The desire to do better is there but cannot find the time. Trust me, the time is there it's just most people are busy wasting it doing the other things on this list! All the things on this list keep you exactly where you are. Safe within the tribe of mediocrity and/or racing to the bottom. 
  10. You have stinking thinking! When we have negative thought patterns, constantly put ourselves down or generally have a bleak outlook on life, life will always serve us negativity. It's a self fulfilling prophecy. Stinking thinking will always cause us to sabotage ourselves in all areas of our life from our finances to relationships. Our thoughts can literally make us and repel anything even remotely positive in our lives and instinctively destroy anything good that does comes into our lives.

Retire Your Self Saboteur

Are you ready to retire from being a professional self saboteur? Ready to become the amazing human being you were always meant to be? There is no better time to take action than RIGHT NOW. Each month, I take a limited number of client's who have chosen to pursue their best life instead of their worst. Spots fill quickly, so get in touch and let's start your journey today. 

Invest in yourself, rise up and take back your power. You are so worth it.

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