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Lace is Certified Self Sabotage Coach specializing in Wealth Creation and Health Regeneration. She works with men and women worldwide on a multi-dimensional level to optimize lifestyle and dispel money blocks, cultivating enhanced health, financial growth and increased abundance in mind, body and spirit.

Coaching Services & Courses

Overcome Self Sabotage for good and completely transform your life.

Work one to one with Lace Flowers-Ellis Self Sabotage Coach (Christoff Certified). You will receive a full personal analysis followed by a series of live coaching sessions with Lace Flowers-Ellis, who will guide you through reprogramming of the subconscious mind for limitless success using a variety of techniques including hypnosis.  

Making the switch to non toxic personal care products made easy!

Enhance your health and beauty by ditching toxins in your life. Work with Lace Flowers-Ellis to make health affirmative changes to your personal/self care routine through detailed personal care product analysis. You will receive an email report with helpful hints and tips for making the switch alongside personalised non toxic, product substitutes. 

Bye Bye Bean: Kick Your Coffee Habit 14 Day Program

Get Your Natural Energy Back! Kick Your Coffee Addiction in just 14 days.

Caffeine is the world's most socially acceptable drug that is robbing you of your life energy and ability to thrive. Bye Bye Bean is an online program designed to teach you how caffeine is destroying your health, provide a 14 day protocol to transition you off  coffee and help you to create positive, long lasting change, getting you off the caffeine for good! 

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